First Step Research was originally founded in 1989 as a research and development firm focused on developing cutting-edge network software for Fujitsu, IBM, General Motors and others. As technology evolved through the nineties and the Internet became a growing part of our lives, First Step evolved as well. And so, in 1994, First Step Internet was formed.

Internet Connectivity
Today, First Step Internet has grown to become the region’s largest and most trusted Internet Service Provider with over 8,000 broadband customers across Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington, ranging from basic residential service to enterprise-grade internet and data transport services. Our available services now span internet access over dial-up, cable, fixed terrestrial wireless, multi-tenant Ethernet, Frame Relay, and fiber, as well as layer 2 private-line data transport and voice communications. 
Web Development
In addition to Internet connectivity, First Step Internet has a commitment to product development targeted at Internet and related technologies. With a special focus on infrastructure technologies, enterprise management, and electronic commerce, First Step Internet has evolved into expert website design, hosting, and Internet services organization. First Step Internet is committed to providing electronic commerce solutions and web presence for small and large businesses and organizations located throughout the neighboring geographical regions and beyond.
First Step Internet is proud to support the important community organizations listed below. As an active member of our regional community, First Step Internet is pleased to help.
Given our support to various organizations over the years, First Step Internet consequently receives many, many requests for help throughout the year. In order to handle these more effectively, we are instituting the following policy for grant requests and support. We are confident this will enable us to serve you better.
Grant requests will be received throughout the calendar year. The cutoff date for submission will be October 31st. First Step Internet management will evaluate grant requests at that time and announce grant recipients by the end of the year.
Grant services will run from January through December of the following calendar year. Each grant recipient will be required to resubmit a request for services each year in order to continue grant funding. Grant services donated one year will not guarantee future continued funding. Each request will be evaluated annually.

Click here to download the First Step Internet Grant Application.